Cam / Crank Position Sensors

Together, the cam position sensor and crank position sensor detect crank shaft rotation during one engine-combustion cycle.

DENSO provides two types of cam/crank position sensors – magnetic resistant element (MRE) type and magnetic pick-up type.

Benefits and Features (MRE Type)

  • High detection accuracy

    • DENSO’s cam/crank position sensors use a unique arrangement of two pair of MREs on an IC chip, achieving high detection accuracy, including just after the engine starts.
    • The MRE cam/crank position sensors have almost 10 times higher sensitivity than Hall element cam/crank position sensors.
    • In DENSO’s MRE cam/crank position sensor, the molded IC chip is installed inside a cylindrical magnet, which means the IC chip is positioned closer to rotor gears rotating with the cam or crank shaft, providing even higher sensitivity.
  • High reliability

    • The molded IC chip and the cylindrical magnet are integrally covered with poly phenylene sulfide(PPS) resin for greater strength.
    • PPS resin has high resistance to chemical substances including fuel, engine oil and emissions.
  • Environmentally friendly

    • The MRE cam/crank position sensors are produced by solder-less processes.